This month, our schoolwide theme is problem solving.  In our morning announcements and school assembly we'll be reminding students to use the Second Step Problem-Solving Steps:

  • S: Say the problem

  • T: Think of solutions

  • E: Explore consequences

  • P: Pick the best solution

As you can see, the first letter of each step spells the word "STEP."  Remembering "STEP" helps students solve problems with each other in safe and respectful ways.

Second Step lessons specifically teach students to use each step and reinforce the message that solutions need to be safe and respectful.  You will be receiving Home Links about the steps that describe why solving problems is important and include fun activities to do with your child to help him or her learn and practice the steps.  We hope the steps will be helpful for you and your child when there are problems at home.

Please tell your child's teacher if you would like more suggestions about how to use the Problem-Solving Steps at home.

Month 5:

Problem Solving